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Tenant representation

01. Property Management

Our property management staff is driven to meet your goals recommends operational efficiencies and provides strategic direction in order to maximize property value.  With market expertise, our property management team's goal is to reduce operating expenses, increase operating efficiency, improve tenant retention, help to minimize liability and increase asset value for the owners.

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting​

  • Financial planning and ROI analysis​

  • Leasing, Renewals and Tenant Screening​

  • Rent Collection and Eviction Coordination​

  • Repair and Preventive Maintenance​

  • Emergency response and Supervision​

  • Vendor sourcing and Contracting

Property Management
02. Brokerage Service


CMK Real Estate will work as a partner in representing clients’ interests based on their individual real estate needs and investment criteria.

Our experienced professionals will act as a strategic advisor, providing specific local market knowledge and sound industry insight to help our clients discover their real estate needs and meet their business objectives.

CMK Real Estate offers brokerage services for all real estate and business asset types include Retail, Office, Industrial, Land, Multi-family, single-family, Specialties, and etc…

Brokerage service
02-1. Acquisition;


Site selection and acquisition requires thorough analysis, experience, patience, and diligence to achieve desired results. Our specialists analyze current market conditions, demographics, traffic patterns, brand positioning, future trends, competition, and current and future site availability to provide clients with a complete understanding of every option. We will help our client to identify the most profitable locations and markets for expansion or relocation, and the strength to roll out new brands and concepts.

Investors’ primary concerns involve the cash-flow aspects of the property. We help to find the best properties available for sale and to negotiate the best transactions. We assist with the inspections to ensure that the property is in the condition in which it is marketed, identifying potential issues related to the property and the underwriting on the value of the property. We also make recommendations on ways to enhance value and maximize returns.

Services include:

  • Investment opportunities and Site selection

  • Financial and Market analysis

  • Negotiating deal terms and structures

  • Preparing and reviewing purchase agreements

  • Identifying and recommending financing sources

  • Assisting in due diligence and facilitating the closing process

02-2. Disposition;


CMK Real Estate provides a full analysis of the property, a customized sales plan and disposition timeline for clients looking to maximize their return and get the broadest marketing of their property.  

For every listing, our experienced brokers and agents will devote the time and attention necessary to maximize the sale price. We have pre-qualified investors and targeted marketing strategies ensure that properties quickly find qualified purchasers for outright sale. Our mission is to achieve the maximum value in the market in the shortest period of time.



Services include:

  • Asset sales and Onsite tours

  • Value and pricing recommendation

  • Maintenance and improvement recommendations

  • Preparation of marketing materials and marketing campaigns

  • Negotiating deal terms and structures

  • Preparation and review of sales agreements

  • Solutions to closing issues and facilitating the closing process

02-3. Tenant Representation;

CMK Real Estate will manage the tenant representation process from the initial consultative stage through the actual completion of the move.

We act as a long-term partner in our client relationships and strive to understand our clients’ business objectives.

Then, our teams work tirelessly to exceed client expectations.

We will consider each client’s brand positioning, demographics, location, size, layout, operating costs, market penetration, expansion plans and competition to deliver a solution that accelerates client business success.


Services include:

  • Site selection and strategic advisory

  • Market analysis and trend information

  • Negotiating lease terms and structures

  • Preparation and review of leases agreement

  • Vendor sourcing and Contracting for build out

Tenant representation
Residential Service
03. Residential Service


We understand that selling and buying a home is a huge life decision and it can be a very stressful event in anyone's life.  CMK Real Estate offers convenience, expertise and unparalleled personal service by educating and facilitating our clients through the real estate process and enjoy adding more value to their lives.

Whether you are looking to purchase your next home, list your current residence or lease; our experienced agents stand ready to assist you with a consultative approach that exceeds your requirements.   We provide every client with the confidence and assurance they need in order to make smart, well-informed decisions to fit their personal situation.


Our years of experience, market knowledge, and continued research allow us to educate you on the markets history, current conditions and future trends to ensure you to make an informed decision on your investment.

Property Search

Our agents will spend the time to find the best options for you and your family. Once we know a profile of the property you want and with you approved for financing, we will search the list of homes for sale in the area where you want to move. We will also broadcast your profile to our list of the other agents in the area to find homes before they are listed in the market. Then, we will provide you details and photographs on the properties that most closely match your criteria and schedule showings for all that are of interest.

Due Diligence

Once you have identified a property you are interested in purchasing, the next step is a negotiation. With knowledge of your personal and financial situation and our comprehensive market value analysis will help determine the proper offer price for you.  After determine the reasonable offer price, we will submit an offer and assist in the negotiating process until an agreement is reached and the contract is executed by all parties.  Then, we will help align the proper inspections needed to make sure all questions and issues are addressed.  We will oversee all of the other details like insurance quotes, contractors, coordinating utilities, and provide you regular updates until closing of the sale.

Closing the Sale

Closing a Real Estate transaction can be overwhelming for first time home buyers with many details and documents. Our experienced agent will help you manage all of the details and explain the documents in depth to provide a peaceful closing.

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